Welcome Note

Peter Pinter

I am glad to welcome you to our new website. It is rewarding that you have found us in this crowded cyberspace and spare a few minutes of your time. Hopefully it will be worth it! I am still coping to come to terms with the new dimension that the interconnectivity of the Internet opens up. It is with a startled joy that I look at the world through it, and I come to realize its gigantic greatness and click-sized tinyness.

The world changes and we are bound to change with it. This is not necessarily a bad pressure, but it certainly does require extra effort. Our new website is one of the answers to the urge. We attempt to provide more information and richer imagery about our goods and our activities. The outlook has changed somewhat, but the structure of the site remains more or less the same.

There are things which have not changed, and these are the variety of our range and its standard of quality.

From October 2009, we have started our monthly auctions, which take place on the first Wednesday of each month.

Our monthly auctions offer a variety of furniture items, paintings, and collectible art, aiming to satisfy customers looking for the medium to premium price range. Hopefully this new sales channel will prove to be a good opportunity for buyer and seller alike. Consignments for these auctions are always welcome. Please send us photos of the items you would like sold at our sales, making note of your desired starting price and other specifics. Alternatively, you can bring your items to the Gallery personally.

I hope you will like our new website. Please pay a personal visit, or if it is not possible, have a look at our 3D tour, and browse through our range online.

Péter Pintér
Pintér Antiques