Terms of Use

General Conditions

The www.pinterantik.hu (www.pinterantiques.com) website is jointly operated by Pinter Antiques Trading and Services Ltd. and Mik Studio Information Technology Ltd. in order to provide information about and sell the items carried by Pinter Antiques Ltd.

Online shopping on pinterantiques.com is available to anyone provided they create an account on the website and accept the terms and conditions laid down in this document.

Customer Service

In order to help buyers and take care of their possible complaints, we operate a Customer Service which is available from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays:

Phone: (+36 1) 311 3030

Personally in our shop: Falk Miksa utca 10, Budapest 1055, Hungary

Online Purchases

The properties of the buyable items can be viewed on the item's detail page. In the item descriptions we strive to provide the most exact information possible, at the same time, we reserve the right to make amendments at any time.

Prices displayed are gross prices in Hungarian Forints (Ft or HUF), and as such they include value added tax (VAT). Next to the HUF price there is also an approximated calculation for the currencies EUR and USD (adjusted automatically on the basis of the current exchange rate), but these are for orientation only. Your purchases are always based on the Hungarian currency, and we calculate prices into other currencies at our bank's current exchange (buy) rate on the day of the purchase.

We reserve the right to change prices. Such changes are in effect from the time they appear on the website. Changes do not affect the price of such items for which an order has been placed. The only exception from this is when a wrong price had been shown on the website due to database error or human mistake, and there is a difference between the book price of the item and the one shown online. In such cases, the buyer has the right to withdraw their order, without having to pay for shipping.

In placing an order, the buyer agrees to abide the present terms of use.

We are only responsible to take the order if the buyer has registered a valid account and provided the necessary data. If any damages or extra costs were incurred resulting from wrong data provision by the buyer, we do not take responsibility for such damages.

The online shop confirms purchases by sending an electronic mail message to the buyer. In case the confirming e-mail does not reach the buyer within 48 hours, the shop is not responsible for delivering the goods, and the buyer cannot be held responsible for not purchasing it.

Right of Withdrawal

According to Hungarian regulations, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the purchase within 8 days from the time of purchase/order. The buyer's intention to do so shall be expressed electronically and in written form by sending an e-mail to the address info at pinterantik.hu. If the withdrawal takes place before shipping, the buyer does not need to cover any costs. If otherwise, the buyer shall cover the costs (shipping, packaging) incurred as a result of withdrawal. The buyer is entitled to a full refund only if the goods are undamaged and the packaging is intact. A csomagolás sérüléséből adódó költségek a vásárlót terhelik.

Shipping and Payment

At present, shipping and payment terms are negotiated individually for each order – especially in the case of orders from outside Hungary. We will contact you upon receiving your order to confirm it as well as the terms of payment and delivery.

If you do not need shipping, you can pick up and pay for your purchased items in our shop personally at the following address: 10 Falk Miksa utca, Budapest 5th District, Hungary.

If you wish your puchases shipped to an address of your choice, we will make the necessary arrangements after agreeing with you on the details.


When using the Pinter Antiques website and making online purchases, you are expected to be aware of the technical limitations and accept the possibly occurring errors that are usual to Internet technology.

The maintainer of the site shall not be responsible for any claims issuing from visiting the site. It is the responsibility of the site visitor to protect the data stored on their computer from viruses or other attacks. Connecting to the website and making purchases are the sole responsibility of the visitor/buyer. The maintainer of the website shall not be held responsible in case of vis maior.

Vis maior includes in particular such cases of network outages as a result of which the website becomes inaccessible or the data transferred may be lost.

Protection of Personal Data

Pintér Antiques hereby informs the registered users of this website that their personal details are stored in its system in order to fulfill and confirm orders. No data whatsoever is made available to third parties. When handling user data, Pintér Antiques alwas observes the legal regulations in regard to data protection and personal rights.

Other terms

The maintainer of this website may make amendments to the present Terms of Use. Any modification in the terms is effective from the time it appears on the website.

The parties of the contract do everything towards settling any disputes by means of negotiation. In case this should not result in avoiding possible legal proceedings, the contracting parties stipulate the authority of the Arbitratorship of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.